ACEBUCHINA oil: from the wild olive tree. EVOO with high vitamin E content.

Acebuchina Extra Virgin Olive Oil. TIN 250ml
ACEBUCHINA Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Rectangular TIN 250ml Helps to reduce hypertension (click to see article). Analytical data: Determinations Results Total tocopherols (mg/kg) 667,2 alfa-Tocoferol (mg/kg) 634,4 beta-Tocoferol (mg/kg) 9,2 gamma-Tocoferol (mg/kg) 23,6 delta-Tocoferol (mg/kg) <1,0 Vitamina E in 100gr (mg) 64,49 Total...

ACEBUCHINA: EVOO from the wild olive tree called ACEBUCHE.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained from small olives from the

Its high content of tocopherols or vitamin E stands out.

It takes 20 kilograms of olives to obtain 1 litre of oil.

Suitable for raw use, both for ingestion and for spreadings.

Comparative size of the Acebuchina and Picual varieties.

The health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil are well known, but little is known about the benefits of ACEBUCHINA oil, which comes from the wild olive tree or ACEBUCHE.

This type of olive tree is bred in the wild in inaccessible places, coexisting with chaparros, lentiscus and other Mediterranean species. It is a tree that is quite resistant to drought, although not so much to frost. Its sustenance is based on the natural cycle of nutrients that are generated in the same environment (so no phytosanitary treatments or fertilizers are carried out).

Harvesting is difficult, and is usually done by milking the branches that support the acebuchinas. Due to their light weight, the vibrating machines for harvesting them do not work. The stone predominates over the pulp, so its fat yield is quite low: about 20 kilos of acebuchina are needed to obtain 1 litre of EVOO. This is one of the reasons why this type of oil is little known nowadays; although it must be said that in the times of the Roman Empire, it was highly valued for its healing properties (for wounds).

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