Our wide range of Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

We distinguish our Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO´s) by the ripening of the olive.

Why do we call the oils ALBA, CÉNIT y ÉREBO?

When we startted with our MERGAOLIVA brand, we thought it would be a good idea to establish a simile between the ripeness of the olive and the different phases of a day.

The names were given in relation to those moments:

Dawn= ALBA



The different olive ripening stages take place in the same order as those moments of the day: GREEN, PURPLE y BLACK.

Diagram of the three basic types according to olive ripeness:

Over the years, new types have been added:


CÉNIT (hojiblanca)

All our EVOO types are elaborated with similar procedures, on the basis of fundamental principles:

- Soil care is the primary basis, trying to be respectful with the natural environment.

- Prevention and healing of posible deficiencies or plagues that affect the trees.

- Following-up and caretaking of the fruit during the ripening process.

- Tree and fruit-friendly harvesting.

- Inmediate transport and grinding after harvesting the olives.

- Grinding exclusively with mechanical means and oil extraction in cold.

- EVOO storage, monitoring and filtering in our acclimatized cellar until the oil is bottled.

Balsamic oils (flavoured):

These oils are flavoured in a natural way:

The fragance is obtained during the mixing process where the oil is in contact with the fruit o spice;

NO other artificial aroma is added in the process.

balsamic olive oil flavoured
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