Taking care of our vegetation cover and the appearance of the olive blossom.

It is worth mentioning once again the scarcity of rainwater. The olive grove has endured the autumn and winter with an unusual lack of water. This water stress has meant that part of the olive tree's strength has gone to leaf (...to develop the tree) instead of the TRAMA or sample of what will be the future fruit.

ecologic olive tree

In mid-April we proceeded to mow the existing grass in our olive groves, mostly brome grass. The low rainfall has also hindered its growth. This vegetation cover not only has its influence on the respect for the environment, but will also bring health to the olive trees that accompany it; therefore, quality and aromas to the EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) that will be obtained from its olives.

ecologic olive tree organic

As we enter the month of May, we see the appearance of the weft, which will later open and release the pollen, leading to pollination and germination of the olive.

Perhaps we can already predict that the coming season is not going to be of much quantity; although the olive tree resists almost everything and when the first waters have reached it, it has reacted by changing its aspect, it does not have enough strength and humidity to face the new flowering properly. The waters that fell have not only been scarce, but have also been little followed, so that when some water fell, the little humidity caused by the previous one had already gone. In this situation the water has not soaked into the soil.

Olivo floracion mergaoliva

With respect to previous years, the sampling is somewhat later than in previous years. We could see that last year, at this time of the year, some olives were already formed. As of today, the weft has yet to open and release pollen. Only some varieties, such as hojiblanca, are somewhat more advanced and about to open.


The day I write these words we have received 7 liters per m2 of rainwater, last night. There are storms forming, but they do not reach our area, in Lahiguera. We continue to witness the absence of rain and very soon the spring will be over, and with it our hope that the soil of our olive groves can recover for next year, as far as water catchment is concerned.

ecologic olive tree mergaoliva

Soon we will see how the evolution of the olive grove continues and we will keep you updated.

See you soon!.

Lahiguera May 3, 2022.

Juan José Mercado Gavilán.

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